Does your internet seem slow. You may be surprised to find out that the problem may not be with your internet. Online speed can be affected by many things the least of which may be your actual ISP bandwidth. The speed of your computer, how many programs you are currently running on your computer, how many devices are on your (home) network, your router (have you rebooted it lately), and much more can have an impact on your internet speed. 

Most users will find that if you do an internet speed test on your computer 3 times in a row you will get three different results. There are a variety of reason for this, usually related to your computer processes, antivirus, and network issues. 

The only sure way to get an accurate speed test is to connect a clean device with little running in the background to your ISP's router (not your own router), and unplug all other devices from your network and turn off the wifi. 

Tools for checking internet speed:



Your ISP may have their own speed test that they recommend, however, we recommend testing one of the above independent services.